About me:

Hi there, I am Olivier. I like to create music for almost everything and for the fun of it.

You could think about music for computer games or for a ballet dance, theatre act or whatever. I have been busy with music almost my whole life…. Music ís my life….

I started playing the guitar at the age of five. After that piano/keyboards & bass guitar. It just was there…. the ability to play and create music. As if it was always there. I understood it by just doing it and without taking lessons. I still can’t read sheet music though…. Sometimes I regret it not to have learned to read sheet music. But most of the time it had (and still has) no function for me.

In my younger days I also created music for computer games and music for intro or demo for some well known (Dutch) groups on Amiga, like Random Access and/or Bamiga Sector one.

After that I created some tunes for some small ballet acts for Dans & Balletstudio Geraldine in Rosmalen.


I played keyboards in bands for many years. Stopped doing that due the possession of a lot of keyboards and stuff I had to carry around the whole time. It made me decide to start playing bass guitar in a Jazzrock/fusion band, where we most of the time played on events like Jazz in Duke Town or even for some years in Spain where we roamed many places to perform (and we had a free holiday! xD)

In 1990 with one of these Jazzrock/Fusion bands (Black Tulip from Vught, Netherlands)  we where invited to Russia to play on a International Jazz concourse in a city called Tula (200 km’s below Moscow). Don’t need to say that we had an amazing time and experience!

In between the Jazzrock/Fusion I also started playing bass guitar in a Multicultural band, called “Dilan”. Turkish music with Western music influences. It was an amazing combination with the Electric Turkish Saz and singing & the mixture of “Western” Rock/pop/Metal/Funk/Reggae music styles. We where invited to play in many well known concert halls, for example “De Melkweg” and “Paradiso” and Festivals like “Mundial” in the Netherlands.

We also made an appearance on national radio and television in a TV show called “The Mix” and a radio channel called “Villa 65”, both from the VPRO studios in Hilversum Netherlands, where multicultural bands like us had a chance to promote their selves to the Dutch audience.

Alas, due other work I had to stop following my heart and I had to sort-off give up on music.

Twenty five years later, I decided, after having a period of Burnout, that it was time for me to start following my heart again….. Here I am, here it is.

This website is dedicated to myself and to everyone that shares or carries out  the same heart for music, like me.

If you are interested you can check out some of the songs I made, available on the Examples page on this website.

Also if you are interested in hiring me for a music project, contact me via the contact page.